Sunday, April 05, 2009


"Someone has asked(not so nicely)if the human resource managers in the area would post they're contact information. Please note that even though it would help dramatically if you would offer such information, we are all aware that you truely don't have to. In fact, I myself am experienced in this resources MO that I know the only reason for this is so that you believe that your saving time by not having to deal with anyone that you have already hired and had to let go. While at the same time making everyone that has worked for you, call you, and there by have to apologise for costing you another worker. Reality check!! Just because someone thinks that your they're last employer does'nt make any difference, they'll still call and waste a little more of your day. As well, if you continue to show everyone that just because you have the right to hire, and or fire, simply because the economy has left you holding the long end of the stick, does'nt mean that said employee will forgive and forget when it comes time to having EVERYONE working. If you see someone has not been working out, FIRE HIM and/or HER, but don't continue to take it out on everyone that is just moving into the area as well as anyone that might just want a WORKING RELATIONSHIP with you and your company. Now as far as the person that sent that message; Please keep in mind that the PEOPLE that your addressing are just that, people, and if they can find away to keep things rolling,....They will!! This has nothing to do with you. Such is the nature of capitolism, I don't mean anything personal about it but, can't feed your childern in about two to three weeks,.... and even though I am fully aware that if I would just lower my own cost of living, you could,... I won't Now if you really want to help,(while you have a little free time)start speading the news. STOP CALLING IT INFLATION,...IT'S GREED,PURE AND SIMPLE! "

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