Monday, May 11, 2009

Craigslister, Craigslist Thyself.

This is nitpicky, but when you are selling nitpicking, close up those parantheses, Sharp Eyes.

  • Writing/Editing Help - Grammar is my forte.

    I am offering my stellar writing and editing skills to those in need!

    If you are a student, struggling to piece together a coherent paper, I can help! If your grammar or spelling is subpar, and you need a set of sharp eyes to fix all your semantic blunders, I am your gal!

    I charge $15-25/hr, depending on the extent of the job. If you are a "starving student" we may be able to strike a deal.

    What I will not do:
    - Write your paper for you
    - Correct factual inaccuracies (e.g. "Oregon State is located on the Atlantic Coast."

    Contact me for a quote!

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