Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Part Three of "Words I Never Expected to See on a Resume"

2006 brought you "Decapitated Head."
2007 brought you "Emergency Colonic."
2008...well, in 2008, I was busy.



And so many times! I count six.

"In this job, I am required to do many tasks such as testing the cow’s nipple for defects and defected milk, cleaning the nipple, and finally putting suction cups on the nipples that are not injured. While testing the person uses their fingers to squeeze some of the milk to make sure it is good. After that, we spray some disinfected spray that kills the bacteria. The cleaner has to make sure they clean off the nipple good so the chemical can be wiped off. Then finally, the last person will put the suction cups on the nipples so they could get the milk. While doing this one has to remember that, they cannot put a suction cup a nipple that has something wrong with it. When we are done with 16 stables of cows, we clean up and then clock out."

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