Sunday, November 12, 2006

"It's my fondest dream..."

Doing a little Sunday evening prep work for the week (and about to watch "60 Minutes" and also preparing to be bummed about Ed Bradley whom I've been watching since I was a kid and who seemed like a really all right guy), and listening to some work messages.

One candidate called me back, saying she's excited to talk to me because "it's [her] fondest dream to work for Current Nameless Corporation."

(Key detail: not an ESL candidate. Not a quaint mistranslation. Native English speaker fully conscious of her word choice.)

Okay, I know I am the one on my laptop on the weekend and watching a CBS News Program like I'm a retiree or something instead of the frisky young lady that I am, but I am seriously depressed now about this lady's life if doing ANY kind of job at Current Nameless Corporation is her "fondest dream." Like, even if you DREAMED of being the CEO, wouldn't you just be dreaming of cashing out at some point so that you could go actually live your "fondest dream?"

Or maybe that is just me and maybe that is all part of why I am ill-suited. There are some good and interesting things that happen in this environment but I could not imagine dreaming about it.

(Damn, one minute into the Ed Bradley tribute I am already teary. )

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