Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What else could one expect from a 23-page resume?

That's right: 23 pages. Some of it was formatting issues, but still.

Based on the inclusion of the below paragraph, you might wonder for what position was this person applying? Professor? (Bad) Political Writer? Think Tank Thinker?

No, Supply Chain Manager. For an IT company.

"After the Terror Attackson USA 9/11 2001 and even with New NATO Member States, Bulgaria joining November 2002 in Prague more effective! As to France, Germany failing to support USA Policy on Iraq: their Leaders should re-read Herman WOUK's 'War and Remembrance' and 'Wind of War'!"

God I love the crazies.

Well, at least this was typed instead of being scrawled in tiny print in a feces-smeared composition notebook and mailed to me with a light dusting of anthrax.

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