Friday, February 02, 2007

Confidential Again to Mr. Pissy Pants

Mr. Pissy Pants, I called you to follow-up on your bitchy note. I called the number you provided on your resume, the resume you submitted for this potentially $100K/yr base plus some kinda bonus job.

When the voicemail answered, it informed me in your smoove playa voice, that if the person leaving the message was female, most likely the call would be returned. If the person leaving the call was not female, "maybe you will, maybe you won't" return the call. I was delighted that you made it so clear that due to my gender I was more likely to receive a call back.

I wonder, though, if maybe, contrary to your bitchy note, it isn't that the hiring manager never attempted to contact you, it's that she called this very same number, again, provided on your resume. And it's possible that rather than being delighted, she had visions of the future sexual harassment lawsuits you would inspire with your colossally poor judgment on when and where is it appropriate to get your game on, and just hung the hell up.


I Buy Books said...

Ewwwwww. Who would leave an outgoing message like that when they are looking for a job? Really, really gross.

The Mad Tatter said...

How is it that Mr. Pissy Pants qualifies for such a well-paying job and yet is so incompetent? Oh, it a management position? (No offense to all those truly awesome managers out there. Yes, they do exist. I know because I have one.)

Ill-Suit said...

IBB: Really, when you think about it, is there really ever a good time to have that as an outgoing message? Who is it for? The ladies you are certain to disgust? Your friends, like to prove you're really straight despite your lingering glances in the gym locker room? Your parents, to prove they did not raise you right? I am hard pressed to think of a scenario where that is a good idea, but yes, during the job search is certainly not among them.

Tatter: The one thing I never ever get used to as an adult is the arbitrary or frequently absent corollary between effort/skill/competence/merit/work ethic/etc. and compensation. This is not what I was told in kindergarten. I am still not happy about it.

Denise said...

Unfrigging believeable.