Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Bi-Annual Arbitrary and Resounding Yes

Once every six months or so, I stumble across something that ostensibly should get my dander up. Something that violates one of my harsh and unyielding rules and ergo deserves the usual withering scorn and what-have-you.

But, periodically, when the moon is in the Seventh House or something, I am not outraged by a transgression, I am instead charmed or amused or otherwise have an emotion towards a job-seeker that could be characterized as positive.

I know, it's a little disappointing to me too. I strive for consistency.

So the planets have aligned just right this week and so when I saw the below...

"we are italian pizzamakers

hi! we're 3 italian boys, we come from Naples! we're looking for a job in a restaurant, with any assignment, we play italian or Neapolitan classical music! we are piazzamakers and piazzaiolo. "

...I wished I had an Italian restaurant in which to employ the cheerful three Italian boys who not only make pizza but also play Italian or Neapolitan classical music!

It probably helps that I imagine that they are either a) unbearably hot or b) look like the Mario Brothers.


WordVixen said...

Maybe it's because I'm married, or maybe it's just because I'm weird. But I'm picturing Mario and Luigi with the third some bizarre combination of the two, from Super Mario Brothers. Overalls and all.

AngryMan said...

Be careful, though, I hear that disappointing things can happen in your restaurant if you're not careful.

You're thinking of Toad.

WordVixen said...

Yanno, that could work. :)