Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On the bright side...

...although I have spent the past three weeks silently changing "vender" to "vendor" and correcting endless misuses of the word "there" because I am far too filled with outrage that my underling (not selected by me, naturally) doesn't know these things to approach her in any sort of friendly and/or effective manner...

...it still beats talking to the goddamn public.

Regular posting to resume soon.

In the meantime, Candidates, please note that if you choose to have a resume headline that says:

"Asian female bartender....kind of."

You make me less interested in finding out about your skills and abilities and more curious about exactly WHICH word - Asian, female or bartender - "kind of" is in reference to.


WordVixen said...

Hm.. So that's what I'm doing wrong on my resume's... :)

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that be: "...to WHICH word...is in reference." As Churchill his-own-self mighta done said: A dangling participle is something up with I will not put."
Welcome back, peanut.

Ill-Suit said...


No, it should not.

Ending a sentence with a preposition is perfectly acceptable in casual writing. (It's debatable if it's even really truly correct to expect it in formal writing but that's a whole other story.)

To clarify so I don't seem hypocritical, my grammar rage stems from people who cannot write appropriately in a professional setting. It's all about having respect and using the language/grammar appropriate for the culture you are participating in...hip hop has, technically, horrible grammar from an academic standpoint but within the particular vernacular, it would be absurd to expect what I expect from people looking for a job in Corporate America.

In other words, ppttthpt! ;)

AngryMan said...

How are you "kind of" a bartender? I understand being kind of Asian or kind of a woman (you know, you could be half or a quarter or less Asian and you could be in the middle of a sex change and only be kind of a woman), but you can either tend or you can't. I know just a little tending, so I wouldn't call myself a bartender or a kind of bartender. That'd be an insult to the people who can tend.

sis said...

i thnk us shood start riting lyk LOLCATS on "icanhascheezburger.com"!

(at least it would make a resume more interesting to read)


sandy shoes said...

I so understand what you mean about underlings. I could never approach an "administrative assistant" in a friendly way when it was to tell them something so infuriatingly basic as to warrant their immediate dismissal. I used to just fix things myself and leave the admin staff to their Avon catalogs. Grrrr.