Friday, June 15, 2007

Because work is n shit...

From Craigslist's (sigh) resume posting, listed in location "RICH PEOPLE:"

"I know this may sound king of lame and all but I need someone willing to give me $15,000. I'm that much in debt with credit cards and I have nothing to pay for them. I did have a job but it's gone now. I'm trying and trying to get another job but I've had no luck. Now all my bills are due and that amount is increasing each month. Is there anyone out there willing to give me some of their money so I can at least pay all of it or half? I know you're saying get a job and all but damn I've been trying and trying, so I figured I've give this a shot and see if there are generous people out there willing to share an amount of money with me without asking for anything in return. Please, someone help me out. Thank you. I live in Riverside, CA and thought maybe L.A. county would be a good place to put this. Thank you very much. Julie"

#1? Yes, that does sound king of lame.
#2? So you have crippling credit card debt? Welcome to the USA, Sweetie. And I have three jobs to work off mine so suck it. Try harder.
#3? "Without asking anything in return"? You can't at least offer to clean a house, pay it back in ten years, name a first child after them, something? WTF?


AngryMan said...

Maybe he wanted to be "The King of Lame." Did you think of that? No, you just shot him down. You ass.
Also, um, yeah, maybe the guy is The King of Lame b/c he expects money w/o having to work for it. Now, why did you lose your job in the first place? Didn't understand that you had to show up to get that paycheck?

Ill-Suit said...

Well, I'm all for the ladies subverting the dominant paradigm and whatnot by referring to themselves as "Kings" since it was signed "Julie" I guess I did just assume 'twas a typo. My bad.

WordVixen said...

Angryman, that is now stuck in my head. If my first novel to get published is titled "The King of the Lame", I'm totally blaming you. :)

AngryMan said...

Glad I could inspire you.

It was signed Julie? Odd, although not as odd as the rest of the crap she posted.