Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 Job Search Trends

I know it's a bit early to be making predictions, but I think I know what the new 2007 Candidate Flavor is already. Do you wanna know? Ready?


Crazy, batty, kooky, lunatic, unhinged. Whatever you want to call it.

As dorky of a concept as it was, Time clearly hit the nail on the head by naming You POTY. My experience as documented here through the tail end of '06 was that the Candidate Flavor of the Moment was, in fact, You. (Again, I want to clarify that by "You," I mean THEM, Reader, all those OTHER people.) You in all Your self-expressive, TMI-sharin' glory.

But starting with this guy, we got a little crossover. Sure, he was all about totally questionable personal disclosure through the job search process, but he was, also, frankly, a nutjob. And since then, up to and including Sir Slursalot I mention below, it's gotten increasingly crazy-style out there.

Maybe it is just remaining high-spirits from the holidays. We'll see. But, as mentioned, I love the crazies! They are among my favorites. So in addition to the FULLY OPERATIONAL TOILET IN MY HOUSE that I got for Xmas (jealous????), I have this to look forward to.

2007 is totally going to ROCK. I can feel it!

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