Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How can I help you? No, really, how?

I am at my desk, the phone rings, and I have my usual argument with myself about picking it up. (I really don't believe in picking up the phone, it's so rarely a good idea.)

But I do and it's Candidate, whom I've already screened for the position and told I would be submitting to the hiring manager. I also let her know if she is selected for an interview, she might find out before I do because she might be contacting by our coordinators who get a direct notification from the hiring manager.


Reader, wake up!! (tapping on inside of computer screen)

I'm sorry, I promise to leave out those details in the future.

Soooo, Candidate is calling me back about a week later.

Candidate: Hi, Ill-Suit. I was contacted by someone to set up an interview. They said they needed to check on the interview arrangements since I'm not local and would get back to me. I was wondering what my status was for the position.

Me: (after long pause) Um. You've been selected for an interview and it sounds like they are working out the logistics?

Candidate: Oh, okay, thanks!

Me: (with giant cartoon question mark floating above my head) Um. Sure?

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