Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It's National Phoning It In Week!

I just decided.

That or it's a Snow Week, or whatever other excuse someone will accept as to why my posts are crap.

Another blogger - some hot shot with like four readers or something - made a disparaging comment about bloggers who apologize for lack of/poor-quality posts when they only have two readers and those readers are their parents.

What Mr. Four Plus Fancy Pants doesn't realize is we are really apologizing to OURSELVES and to our own HIGH STANDARDS and also we do it to HEAR THE ECHO.

I now consider this blog to be like a sand mandala. It's a totally pointless act of creating ephemera. But it's like way more tolerable than actually meditating. (I have ADD and ergo actually trying to meditate makes me want to gouge out my own eyes.)

Anyway, if I ever have had or will have a good post, it will not be this week. I can tell already. Mainly because everyday my day is thrown off by the fact that the Ill-Suit Who Wants to Stay Asleep is FAR craftier than the Ill-Suit Who Wants to Get Up and Take on that World Now. The former's new trick is to take the miniature alarm clock and - again, without waking up - hit snooze and then TUCK IT UNDER HER TORSO so that when the alarm goes off again, it is MUFFLED BY HER OWN BODY.

(Why can Sleepy Ill-Suit figure THAT out but not figure out how to just turn OFF the alarm so it doesn't go off again? Neurologists: chime in.)

So anyway, I set aside all this AM time to do my own stuff and then sleep through it. I will never get out of having a day job at this rate.


Anonymous said...

Hi I just wanted to leave a comment to encourage you, to urge you on to greater blogging heights, and because I like your snarkiness.

I Buy Books said...

I LOVE your posts! I'm sure dealing with crazy people all day is annoying and tiring -- but you have a great way of making it sound really, really funny.

You are not just phoning it in -- keep it up!


Your fifth reader

Ill-Suit said...

Well thank you both, that is very very kind.

And now, because I suffer from a sort of macho discomfort with either praise and/or kindness, I'm going to whistle absently and squint into middle distance like this didn't just happen.

(but fer reals, thanks!)