Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I don't do that kind of screening.

(Okay, is this a prank of some sort that I should have been able to find on Snopes? Well, I couldn't so I 'm just going to assume this is what it is.)

So for some reason, candidates sometimes either add my name to their address book or else their e-mail program does it automatically, but at least once a month I get some random mass mailing from someone I sent a job description to a year ago.

Usually these mass e-mails are…well, the usual: hacky jokes about Men vs. Women or cute cute cute puppy pics or poems about Footprints or vaguely depressing holiday clip art.

But the below is a completely new one. I think I conducted a phone screen with him like in the tail end of 2005...but it's always nice to hear what folks are up to.

"From: [redacted Candidate Name]

Sent: Tue 1/2/2007 6:47 PM

To: [Everyone, apparently, that this Candidate has ever received an e-mail from, including his bank,, etc.]

Subject: I GOT AN STD

I got Herpes from my ex wife [redacted]and gave them to my girl, I feel like shit... I just want everyone to know how sorry I am. "


The Mad Tatter said...

At least he didn't include it on his resume. :P

Ill-Suit said...

I never write LOL, but seriously: LOL. Also, of course now that you wrote that, it's just a countdown until someone does.

The Mad Tatter said...

Keep us posted. Where would one include that on a resume? Under experience or affiliations?

Ill-Suit said...

Or Special Skills.

Or, if one was feeling philosophical, Education.