Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Recruiter: Heal Thyself

Considering all my navel-gazing and off-topic posts of late, I have somewhat lost the moral high ground when it comes to berating others for overestimating my give-a-care about their personal details through the job search process. Let's face it: the bread and butter of a blog like this are ridiculous e-mail addies and poor phone manners, not what I think about this season's couture shoes.

NEVERTHELESS. I have never been less than forthcoming about my own hypocrisy (which, actually, sort of makes my hypocrisy rather noble and impervious to criticism, no? What? Oh, ACTUAL "No," huh? Well.) so I am take a break from providing you with every little irrelevant detail about my own life and get right back on that horse of pointing shaming fingers at those who assume we find every little irrelevant detail of their lives just so endlessly fascinating. (*Snorting with derision*) Idjits!

So today we were discussing this recruitment company that we are considering using. It's the kind of company to whom you pay wads and wads of cash up front in order to get some possible folks.

We reviewed the website, and there is a page dedicated to the founder of the company whom, I suspect, sort of IS the company. Ya know what I mean? You get the sense it might be one dude + one fancy website and that's about it.

On the section about him, it references some of his recruiting experience...but then it prominently features all this other stuff, like how he is a certified Rolfer and something about an ashram and some other stuff about Tai Chi...and it's like, I'm not against any of those things in my personal life, like whatever. Ashram it up, dude.

But I can just imagine one of the higher-ups in contract review doing due diligence when we submitted this multi-$K request for funds and going, "Um, WHAT? This shining example of professionalism is the person you want me to pay a fee UP FRONT for candidates, sight unseen? DENIED." (Insert sound of giant rubber stamp thwacking down.)

When recruiters themselves can't tell the difference between appropriate-professional and appropriate-personal...well, we're losing. I'm losing.


AngryMan said...

You might as well just snag random people off the streets and put them to work. It can't be any worse than your current method.

Ill-Suit said...

SHHHHHHH. You have just uttered the dirty secret of 90% of recruiting. Now some Kelly Services Girls are going to come to your house and garotte you with a typewriter ribbon! Hide!

The Mad Tatter said...

So this guy is a certified Rolfer...does that mean he's like Stevie Starr, professional regurgitator( Or is he something else that is just as useless?

AngryMan said...

As long as they are hot and take off their clothes first. I would be totally fine dying while some naked chick did that to me.