Friday, March 30, 2007

Word Cop: Are you tired? Or hesitant due to concerns?

My Readers seem like a pretty literate bunch so this is in no way directed at you all. This is for Hiring Managers.

If you have some concerns about a candidate's background and are therefore feeling reluctant to bring them on board, you can be


But if you put the two together, it does not, actually make a super-strength hybrid of the two. It just makes you tired because that is what WEARY means. And I really doubt you are "really super exhausted of his background due to his job hopping." The candidate might be weary from the hopping. (rimshot)

But you are, again, either LEERY or WARY.

Thank you and good day sir.


AngryMan said...

Get 'em, word police.

Ill-Suit said...

Polyester hot pants on a dude is a sight gag that has yet to get old on me.

AngryMan said...

I wear them daily. My wife is divorcing me. Coincidence?