Monday, March 05, 2007

Today? More nothing.

But Rocker Contractor is back (for the FOURTH grouting of my shower tile, fingers crossed this one will take) and he had a little joke (?) about needing a "jazzercism" (like exorcism + jazzercise?) that he said yesterday and then eagerly asked me today if I had used the joke yet.

Only, it's not really a joke, like there is no framework into which the word "jazzercism" is used as a punchline or something, it's just a little portmanteau or whatever that he created so I didn't know what to tell him other than I thought it was more a performance piece than a written joke.

Suggestions for a written joke that would use "jazzercism" as a punchline are welcome.

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The Mad Tatter said...

Perhaps you can refer him to this lexicographer ( about getting his unique neologism into the dictionary. Then stand back and watch said lexicographer defenestrate your bathroom bard. (Looks like she's having some downtime too; it would give both of you something to do.)