Monday, March 26, 2007

Vernal Equinox is All Sprang Up in Here

I am now up to three jobs. However, Job 2 and Job 3 are related to things that I enjoy doing and am interested in. This is a very weird development.

As we all know (or I guess more accurately, as I theorize based on very little data and then presume everyone agrees with), our current economic model depends on despair to thrive. So jobs that many might find rewarding and engaging generally pay about a half a farthing and a crust of stale bread once every other fortnight.

This is why so few people I know seem able to actually make a living doing something they truly enjoy. We all seem to end up sort of doing the thing we are best able to tolerate without bludgeoning to death co-workers, customers/clients and managers.

I realize that this might seem like a pretty banal epiphany, but banal epiphanies are the sort I am best at: doing some stuff you like is like REALLY a lot better than doing stuff you can just tolerate. I realize that is not only a banal epiphany, it is essentially a tautology, but still. It's kind of news to me.

I guess at some level - even though I've been blindly fighting towards doing work I like - I think I still had a very deeply ingrained belief that...well, ALL work was WORK. "That's why they have to pay you to do it!" and all. I guess until I actually experienced doing some things I liked, I did not really truly realize and understand HOW MUCH BETTER LIFE IS that way. And not just while you are at work. You are like, just happier in general.

Again: banal, obvious, but I am sometimes like a space alien who has only recently landed on this planet and there is still a lot I am figuring out.

So this epiphany occurred because of this morning. Normally I have to work nearly every weekend on Job 1 - recruiting - primarily because I let myself get behind during the week because in between talking to The Crazies I have to take a lot of breaks to avoid losing my shit entirely with the next person. There is a lot of talking myself down in this current role.

And, normally, after getting through a weekend of work by numbing myself with refined sugars and having marathons of house-flipping shows on in the background (I find watching jobs that both have a beginning, middle and an end AND make things look very tidy and clean very satisfying which is why I could watch house-flipping shows all day every day), I usually start off Monday feeling close to as exhausted as I felt when I ended on Friday.

But after this weekend - which was no less filled with work than normal, just a different sort, I awoke this morning chipper and A-OK with things. I did not have to beat off the hovering black cloud of gloom as I trudged my way to the coffee maker. I did not have to give myself a pep talk and then escalate that to a stern talking-to to keep from returning to the warm comfort of my lovely bed. I was just all...fine and shit.

Who knows what effect this will have on this blog? Like the economy, it depends on despair to thrive. A cheerful Ill-Suit might be likely to post the below and call it a goshdarn day!

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Ha Ha Sound said...

Good point about "work" being work, but if you're luck enough to do at least one thing that you're passionate about then it makes everything worth it.

Good luck finding resumes from sane people.