Tuesday, May 08, 2007

ALERT!! New Stupid Made-Up Corporate Word to Replace Stupid Overused Corporate Word

At some point, Office Worker, you just capitulated, didn't you?

You were initially hesitant because it seemed to be used so ubiquitously by the upper-management types. Those folks whose language seems to consist completely of meaningless buzz-word filler.

You tried your best but you couldn't resist the constant onslaught, right? You eventually started using the word "proactive."

Well get ready for the next horrorshow, proactive's heir:




A muckety-muck used this word in a conference call last week. I have been blissfully removed from these kinds of meeting for the past couple years or so, so possibly this is not new. Possibly this is old hat like "impactful." (Miles away, I know Gay Husband is reading this and shuddering.)

But it's new to me. New and ATROCIOUS.

Why don't you just shit on a Powerpoint and call it a day, muckety-mucks? Why use the English language at all when you clearly hold it in such contempt?


wolf said...

That is horrible. Makes me twitch almost as much as the overused corporate phrase "moving forward," and the idiotic idea that "it's not a problem, it's a challenge."

Now I'm going to go slip "planful" into my everyday speak, just because I'm evil that way.

Ill-Suit said...

Oh my.

You know, I think I say "moving forward." I think it slipped, unnoticed, into the Ill-Suit "I'm in a Meeting Pretending I Give a Care" lexicon.

I'm going to go self-immolate now.