Friday, May 25, 2007

My underlings are killing me.


I feel it's tacky to bitch too much about co-workers (because they are, you know, real people as opposed to the theoretical people as represented by a resume or brief phone screen).

But I will say the following. These sentence fragments?

"The candidate presented his self well..."


"She holds her employees to high standers..."

I am really REALLY the wrong person to whom to present those.

No fake. I think of all the people in the universe who should not be in charge of people with truly poor grammar, I am at the top of the list.

Like I am filled with such a white hot blinding rage - a rage that feels, as Vonnegut said in Mother Night, as though I hate with God on my side - at the existence of those's not good. It's not good for anybody.


AngryMan said...

Beleeve truly I post yours good are.

WordVixen said...

Um. Ill Suit? Um. I'm sorry, but, um... I kinda tagged you for the Thinking Blogger Award. And I agree with angryman, who expresses his self good. :)