Tuesday, May 01, 2007

BREAKING!! Extraneous Capitalizer, Still Looking for Work, No Longer Capitalizing

Soooo...I think Extraneous Capitalizer has opted for "Sentence Case" instead of "Title Case" for her latest posting, but despite these being confidential postings, I am still pretty sure this is all the same person. Her little looking-for-work-by-outlining-my-bitterness-at-the-inexorable-march-of-time-in-poetic-format postings have become like my favorite Easter Egg of the resume search.

"Great at screening calls and getting the
messages straight.
Sharp dresser!
I don't have kids.
I don't have a husband who calls me
at work.
I arrive to work with a great "Can Do"
type of attitude with the cellphone
shut off during business hours.
Tired of the young girls who bring
nothing but drama to the office
and do not work?
I never make any personal calls at
work, I am outgoing and organized. "

I have two questions, Reader:
  • How many cats do you think she has?
  • How long do you think it will be before she mentions them?

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