Thursday, April 12, 2007

And the heavens opened up...

Okay, I KNOW I am constantly saying that the blog is on the verge of running out of steam and devolving into being solely shoe criticism.


This time I might mean it.

I might be getting out of direct candidate contact and moving into being safely ensconced in the bubble wrap of managing a process as opposed to actually carrying out a process. You know: becoming one of those people mercifully ignorant of what it's actually like on the ground. One of those people for whom I currently feel nothing but contempt and resentment. I can't wait to be just like them!!!

I might still have to talk to candidates on occasion but the constant, daily state of being bludgeoned about the head and neck with the heavy blunt instrument that is the Public might be coming to an end. Smell ya later, Public!

I have a few anecdotes stored up so I might be posting those over the next few weeks, but I am really thinking this might be it.


The Mad Tatter said...

Does this promotion come with a hefty raise? Also, do you think that just because you'll be managing the process, that your underlings (you'll have minions!) won't come to you with head-shaking stupidity on toast, er..I mean resumes? Or will you be that far removed from the process?

We shall see, Ill-Suit...we shall see.

I Buy Books said...

Yeah, and even if the minions don't create some fodder, you're just going to have to find something else to blog about. I can't live without the snark.

Ill-Suit said...

Tatter: Re raise - unfortunately no, but it is an honor just to be nominated. And honestly, getting to tell people what to do is its own reward. I really really really enjoy telling people what to do.

IBB: But I feel all naked without my shtick!!

But yes, we shall see what happens. I mean, head-shaking stupidity is not in short supply, it's just like without a topic to hang it on, how can one ever choose what to write about?! It's endless!