Thursday, April 12, 2007

But before I go...

...the Public had this to say today.

From candidate's resume headline:

"Just greaduated"

This wasn't Myspace. This was Monster.

And this wasn't a typo inserted in the midst of a big block of text.

These are the only two words in the headline. Ergo, this person only had two words to scan to proof this and think..."Hmm. Fifty percent of the first thing I am showing to a prospective employer looks"

I have, on occasion, physically harmed innocent hardware due to frustration with Microsoft software. Nevertheless, I can see that Bill Gates is a smart dude.

And so the fact that Bill Gates is concerned enough about appear before Congress to speak about how he is, essentially, kinda scared shitless about the state of American education might be enough to make me sit up and take notice. However, I don't actually need that because the crumbling American education system seems to make a little appearance on my desktop at least every other day.

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