Thursday, April 19, 2007

Expert At Extraneous Capitalizing Of All Words And Prose Written In Form Of Poetry

From seeking-work posting, formatting intact.

"Front Office Receptionist Looking For
A Position Answering Phones As Well
As Performing Other Administrative
Tasks To Keep Busy.
Looking For The Right Company Who
Will Not Discriminate Because I Am
Not Skinny Or Twenty Two Years Old.
Hard Worker,No Nonsense Woman Who
Needs A Job, Ready To Settle Down
Into A Basic Job.
Have Lived Life In The Fast Lane
Already! Want A Job That Is Not
High Powered Or Full Of Stress."


WordVixen said...

Is she perhaps applying for your Experimental Avant-Garde Poet position?

Ill-Suit said...

Ya know, this does work if you read it aloud, Open Mic Poetry Slam stylee.

Then again, she thought, looking down at her desk, so does my grocery list.