Thursday, September 07, 2006

Job Searching Tips, or How Not to Aggravate a Recruiter - Part Two: "I Can't Believe I Have to Say This, but...Spell Check."

This goes without saying, right? That one would spell check one's resume before submitting for actual employment?

No, Dear Reader, apparently it does not go without saying. Apparently it needs to be said every day on the nightly news or sent out regularly as a flyer to the populace. That or else we all just officially stop giving a shit and decide if everyone else is wearing sweatpants to the office, hell I will too. I'm just going to stop worrying about the red squiggle, stop trying to remember how many s's there are in "occasionally," stop mumbling "i before e..." under my breath when spelling "receive. "Why bother? No one else cares. I'm just going to stop washing my hair and flossing too. So here's my resume and I don't care enough about employment to run this single page document through the five seconds of spell check.

But no! Slippery goddamn slope and if we give up on spell check eventually the economy WILL grind to a halt. You know, we are LIVING in a SOCIETY!

Spell check your goddamn resume and your goddamn cover letter. For that matter, spell check every single e-mail you send out to a prospective employer. You want a job? Care.

If you already do all this, thank you for the bottom of my shriveled heart. Well-written employment correspondence IS noticed and appreciated.


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