Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Resume Headline: College grad wanting fun job that travels"


Ahhhhh, youth. [Wipes away tears of laughter.]

It's not that it can't happen. One of my friends from high school has gotten precisely that life for herself. By being entrepreneurially-minded. By making it happen herself.

Youth = the serene trusting optimism inherent in thinking that making that your resume headline on Monster will get you that life.

As though there are recruiters and hiring managers in a corporate conference room somewhere, exhausted, rumpled, surrounded by coffee cups and bottles of water, one of them saying:

"How on EARTH are we going to attract job seekers? How are we going to fill these positions? I mean, they're just FUN. And involve TRAVEL. Who on earth is going to do THAT? For a PAYCHECK? Can somebody go check Monster again?"

Sits down dejectedly, tossing down the flip chart marker.

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