Wednesday, September 20, 2006

JST/HNAR - Recurring Quickie 1: "E-mail is Free"

So on your resume, DO NOT USE your e-mail address that contains the phrase "koreanpimp."

Or, for that matter, "africanpimp" or "scandanavianpimp" or "klingonpimp."

Basically, unless you are applying for an internship with Velvet Jones, AVOID THE WORD "PIMP" DURING THE JOB SEARCH. Because it makes you sound like a jackass.

E-mail is free: get one that shows you have a clue what the work world is about.

(P.S. No one said you have to like what the work world is about, which, generally, means fuddy-duddyism. But that's what it is and so go start your own business if you don't like it. Might I suggest a convenience titty bar called "Kum & Go.")

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