Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Unfortunate Names, Episode One

Candidate's resume indicates she worked at the "Kum and Go."

Surprisingly, duties listed did not include pole dancing or pasty twirling. Rather, they seemed to indicate this is some kind of convenience store.

Quick Google search validates that the "Kum and Go" is in fact not only one convenience store with a really questionable name, but an entire CHAIN of them. (Those of you in the Midwest, I suppose this isn't news to you.) (disappointingly SFW)

To which I say: wow. Well, I guess I'm the one with the filthy mind. Guilty! But still. Lordy.

It seems a shame, though, that this fantastic name was wasted on a convenience STORE. Because it's really just crying out to be used for a chain of convenience GENTLEMAN'S CLUBS. Like the McDonald's of titty bars. You Kum, you Go. And everything is plastic so it is easily hosed down each night.

And speaking of stripping-related entrepreneurship, the below product is a genius example of American capitalism on at least a couple levels. Technically SFW, but still might get you a funny look if your co-workers see it.

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