Tuesday, October 17, 2006

So it is written; so it shall be done.

On Friday, I spoke thusly:

"This week TRULY put the 'ill' in ill-suited."

And so of course now I am actually truly ill.

Nevertheless, no rest for those who are paid hourly and don't get sick time, so still recruiting. But what little energy my tiny mitochondria are able to squeeze out is completely taken up by the simply completing my tasks, so I have nothing left over with which to reflect upon (and get irritated by) said tasks.

(Sweet fancy corn how many prepositions were in that paragraph? I can't count that high.)

Anyhoodle, in short: I am even more tedious and boring than ever.

So here's something more engaging. This is a) a pretty awesome little project and b) what, when I am functioning at capacity, I am normally fantasizing about when being/talking to the corporate drones.

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