Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Again: email? Still free.

So please for the love of all that is right and good in the world...during the job-seeking process DO NOT use your address containing the phrase "Meltz in Yo Mouth" with (wait for it) the number 69 stuck in there for good measure.

And, if you DID have the good sense to leave it off your resume...if I am in the process of phone screening you, and ask you for your e-mail address, JUST LIE. LIE and tell me you need to set one up and then go set up an innocuous sounding account on yahoo or hotmail or whatever and call me back. Please please please DO NOT start spelling out your e-mail address containing the phrase "Meltz in Yo Mouth" + 69 to me over the phone because I already took one shower today and now I need to go take another.

Skeeved! (*Shudder!*)

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