Tuesday, October 24, 2006

JST/HNAR - Part Whatever: "I've lost count"

I think my initial attempts to sort of structure this into categories has long since fallen by the wayside, so until I figure out how to tag this thing, I'm not going to worry it. The lack of common sense I witness daily is too monolithic to slap a label onto (until, of course, I figure out the labels).

Anyway, today's resume tidbit, from candidate's "Work Experience" section (identifying details, obviously, altered to protect...well, actually, me. I could get fired for this stuff):

"Big Nameless University - August 2006
Research Assistant

Big Tech Company - January 2005
Job Offer

Another Tech Company - April 2000 - April 2001
Head Widget Counter"

So I was going to continue reading when in my head I heard that overused sound effect of needle scratching on record. (The record playing, incidentally, was "The Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland" but really that's neither here nor there.)

Let's back up a minute. This candidate lists a JOB OFFER under her WORK EXPERIENCE?

(And let me clarify: based on her recent position as Research Assistant, you might be thinking that this is some recent college grad just finishing her bachelor's and her enthusiasm to include a JOB OFFER under her WORK EXPERIENCE should be excused as we would excuse her sparkly nail polish and pen with fluffy maribou on the end. But no! This is a person who has been in the real-live work force with real-live professional positions for almost 15 years.)

And not only does she list a JOB OFFER under her WORK EXPERIENCE (which is, effectively, like saying someone grabbed your ass once so you are good in bed), she lists a JOB OFFER under her WORK EXPERIENCE (no, I'm not going to stop shouting it) in the midst of a FOUR YEAR GAP in professional experience.

Now, if she had just left the gap there alone (or maybe inserting some demure comment about taking time off for schooling or family or world travel or volunteer work or whatever), I wouldn't have thought twice about it. Well, I mean, I WOULD have thought twice, I am paid to think twice. But I would NOT have thought she was a loon.

But she included a JOB OFFER in her WORK EXPERIENCE (that's the last one) so now I just think she is a loon. DELETED.

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