Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Good news? Bad news?

So switching gears and recruiting for another level of position, professional as opposed to entry-level.

While I suspect this might be good news in the sense that I don't know how much more despairing over the state of the American educational system I could take...this might not be good news for the blog.

I know, I know, this makes the two people in the world who actually read this very sad.

Not, mind you, because I think people at the professional level are actually smarter. After all, it was always the executives and the vice presidents at First Nameless Corporation (where I lost my recruiting innocence) who would insist on saying "between you and I" (because, you know, only lower salary bands ever say the word "me" EVEN WHEN IT'S GRAMMATICALLY EFFING CORRECT) until I would collapse on the floor of the conference room clutching at my throbbing brain.

But they are, dagnabbit, generally more savvy during the job search, and less likely to include the more obviously-questionable tidbits like e-mail addresses that hint towards their bedroom proclivities or run on for pages in e-mails about all the details of their personal lives. In other words, less aggravating to me as a recruiter, but also, sadly, less useful to me as a blogger.

Who knows, though? If the week's events have taught us one thing, it's that shockingly poor judgment cuts across all socio-economic groups. Maybe I am sounding an alarm for no reason.

At the least, I stockpiled a few choice items and can always return to the Tips as those are a constant no matter what candidate population you are dealing with. Bear with me, Dear Reader(s) (all two of you...hi!!!*waving*), as we sort this out.

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caterwauler said...

I found your blog randomly (via the "next blog" button), so actually three people read this! The stories are hilarious, and I'm betting you'll find a whole new kind of humor in the "upper-eschelon" applicants.