Friday, October 13, 2006

To close out the week...

...there are just a few things I have to get out of my system. Then I will take a scalding, blasting, "Silkwood"-esque shower and spend two days playing with fluffy kittens and chasing butterflies and mentally undressing Chris Noth and otherwise regaining some sense of actually being a flesh and blood human being after five straight days of being nearly bludgeoned to death with things like this:

"Viewed as a resource throughout the organization and across various sectors; serves as a consultative partner to client groups, integrates technical expertise/experience, business objectives and industry factors..."

Also, Fancy-Pants Business Folk, security actually will NOT escort you from the building if you successfully resist the urge to bulk up your resumes and/or job descriptions with the Dreaded Groups of Threes, i.e., phrases containing multiple versions of what is effectively the exact same concept:

"...improve productivity, increase efficiency and streamline efforts..."

" determined by program, project or assignment..."

"...applies knowledge, expertise and understanding..."

Are these people Charles Dickens? Is someone paying them by the word? Are they actually beat poets, adding all this extra language because in their head, there's a bongo rhthym that they are trying to match?

This week TRULY put the "ill" in ill-suited.

All right, people, that is IT, I am out of here for the weekend and if the circus comes through town, I might not make it back here Monday.

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